Lagos: A City at Work

"...the challenge initially seemed daunting. Documenting Lagos?Where would we start? How would we approach it? How objective can one be, and where exactly does subjectivity end? If you exist within an environment that dictates what your esponses are, then a certain amount of effort is needed to pull back, look at it purposefully and question.We questioned the issues of subsistence and the politics of dysfunction that form part of the reality of our urban experience, and it was plain that Lagos has various layers which are non-linear in nature."
"The obvious conditions of under and non-performance of the city, only represent a “symptom” of deeper concerns. The issues of “rebellion and shared spaces”; of “hope, choke and release”; of“devalued effort” all came to the surface, and it was apparent that these couldn’t be captured by one or two photographers or expressed through that art form alone.The various responses to Lagos required a much-broader canvas. Once the photography, editorials, and image-gathering started, it became evident that we had to be clear about what elements should be captured; otherwise we could end up with a repetition of themes and a reproduction of effort."

Project Director - OlakunleTejuoso
Creative Director + Design - Weyinmi Atigbi
Editorial Director - Ololade Bamidele
Main Illustrator - Demola Ogunajo
Interactive DVD - Lanre Lawal
Special Contributors
Odia Ofeimun
Akin Mabogunje
Rem Koolhaas
David Aradeon